20 October 2005

Clinton / Gingrich 2008

Hmm... I've always liked Newt Gingrich. Sure he has his problems (mainly personal) -and- it's easy to cast his opinions in a negative light if you've only been exposed 30 seconds at a time. But, if, like me, you are a C-SPAN junkie ... then you must come away with a different opinion.

Newt just put together a technology conference on the future of health in this country. In particular, the need to create a "21st Century Intelligent Health System". As always (in large doses) he's hit several home runs and it got me to seriously thinking ...

Clinton / Gingrich in 2008? What a radical thought! A unified ticket on the issue of American Health that moderates the images of two people (both perceived by most of the public as extreme in their views). You see: it's my opinion that Hillary suffers from the same sort of knee-jerk first, second, and third impressions -- but that's a post for another day. 2008 is a looooong way away -- there will be plenty of time for that.

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