11 July 2006

Free Rhodopsin !!

Please ... Help stop bacteriorhodopsin exploitation before it starts. Free the Halobacterium Salinarum !!

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J.T. said...

Wow... So what direction does this take us? Biological machines? Home grown memory add-ons?

Eventually, it gets to the point that you inject someone with some protein embedded in a bacteria or virus. They get on a plane in New York, land in Singapore, or somewhere fun, someone sees them about to sneeze, hands them a hankerchief, and walks away with the entire contents of the CIA's databases.

That, or the DVDs will gain sentience, and discover a way to control our minds from within the DVD player. That would be fun.

Ack, who am I kidding? I was just tired of having one line / one word responses to this blog.