20 October 2007

Onward to the Past ...

Broadband has all -- CableTV be fired. Also, the house does not really need it's own phone. That saves nearly $1,500/yr.

So my HDTV tuner's all configured (antenna situated so as to pull in the most channels without having to get up and rotate it) ... What is this ?! the 1950's or sumpthin' ?!

...if only I could reduce my remote control to one big ON/OFF toggle with a loud tactile:

>> C L I C K <<

I did find a pretty cool free HDTV listing service at titantv.com (and it works on my iPhone)

I seem to be able to pull in all of the local channels (except the WB -- which has its tower over 35 miles away) -so- not too bad. There are two ABCs, two NBCs, five CBSs, three PBSs, a FOX, and still nuthin' on ;-)

So, I'm also putting together my own linkpage of video streaming sources (found I was kinda jonesin' for live video news from Pakistan when Bhutto's entourage got hit -- didn't really find it at the time -but- I did stumble onto JumpTV.com -- whoa-awesome!!

I spose my next step probably involves scrounging up the parts for another go at a myth box.

1 comment:

J.T. said...

No WB = No Reaper.

I find this turn of events to be wholly unacceptable.