18 November 2007

Ron Paul Kookiness

I've noticed an interesting phenom. It's typical in American Presidential politics to marginalize non-mainstream candidates. Ron Paul (my particular fav) definitely fits that bill, but I've noticed that folks' objections to him seem based upon imagined notions.

Here is a serious 10-term congressman, a strict Constitutionalist, and physician (who has delivered thousands of babies). He's generally maligned as a kook ... but I can not find record of a single kooky statement he has made -or- vote cast during the current campaign -or- even his entire career.

So, that's the challenge ... Please, someone: find some record of Ron Paul kookiness and let me know. It has to be a statement by Ron Paul himself (not one of his critics or supporters). There's a record over two decades long to plow through -- should be able to find something in there, don'tchya think? I've been looking for a while now -- with no success.

So that leaves me with the question: If a candidate has some kooks among his/her supporters (and which candidate doesn't), is that valid enough reason to dismiss the candidacy outright?


Will said...

By the way, the most common complaint against Ron Paul comes from those who object to his notion that we should not have troops based all over the world (and calls to bring 'em all home).

Though this position seems xenophobic and in line with the MoveOn.org / anti-Bush's war crowd, it actually stems from a completely different place.

In fact, the slightest investigation reveals that his objection to troops in Iraq stems from the fact that Congress *still* has not declared war there -and- support for U.S. bases around the world flies in the face of George Washington's warning against "entangling alliances".

In other words, he holds Constitutional objections to our current troop deployment policies.

How long /should/ we stay in Korea, Japan, and Germany (by the way). Is it (should it) be our goal to eventually have (and pay for) bases in every country on Earth?

I have to admit, it's the one position of his that rubs /me/ the wrong way -but- I have to consider the possibility (given his complete consistency on all other matters) that maybe (in this one) it's *me* who holds the inconsistent position.

Will said...

Thanks Craig! You Win the Prize! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JyvkjSKMLw