30 November 2005

(on Big Media's Fear of File Sharing) I Say ...

Hollywood and Network TV shouldn't be afraid of people sharing their shows for free over P2P networks ... they need to be afraid that none will want to.

Long Live IPTV

25 November 2005

23 November 2005

"Most people don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?"

-- Thomas Hesse (Sony BMG)
President Global Digital Business

17 November 2005

Prediction Theater ...

War in Iraq won't be the issue [for Democrats] during the next Presidential election (and if, by that Fall, Cheney is still Veep ... Hillary will win -- with less than 37% of the popular vote)

regardless, our next President will almost certainly be a woman

11 November 2005

(on Influence of BigMoney in Politics) I Say...

To be a candidate for office, you must have a web page -and- contributions must be posted on that site within 72 hours of receipt. Any failure to report a contribution results in an immediate requirement to return the money (even if the reporting irregularity comes to light long after and regardless of the outcome of the election)

Also, lift all campaign limits. In a world of full and immediate disclosure, I would bet candidates don't want the publicity associated with the types of Special Interests and Mr. Moneybags making the largest

(on Absentee Voting by Mail) I Say...

Force anyone who wants to vote (other than at the appointed time and place) to get a free Notary-Authenticated Digital Certificate -and- adopt an open platform for voting with said certificates from anywhere. People need to take control of their identities again. I grew up believing that I was never to give out my Social Security Number to anyone for any reason. What happened to that? Some people print it on their checks for gods' sake.

I say: re-instill that sense of individual responsibility in our citizens -- and update our election system at the same time.