05 May 2010

Children's Tale

Once upon a time in the future, there will be a Pop Star Princess named Angelina who wants to be Queen.

Her world is Antares and everyone there equates Auto-Tune™ with actual talent.

Music fills the air -and- everyone sings all the time.

Everyone sounds perfect (in an Auto-Tuney™ kinda way), but Angelina wants more.

You see: Antares is not just a world. It's a fountain. A fountain that spews bits and bytes and forges code.

It is the source of all Auto-Tune™ and deep within it brews the current beta evo 33.3.

Angelina can see the Auto-Tune Evo 33.3beta™ -- and she has a plan.

She plunges her fist into the fountain, takes a copy of the evo 33.3beta for herself and rolls a big rock over top the source -- stopping its flow completely.

And the world is none the wiser. The halted fountain goes unnoticed.

They are all very content to sing in their evo 33.2 world.

... as they marvel and swoon for Angelina the undisputed Queen of Pop.