26 April 2007

Sometimes ...

Sometimes The Onion is not so funny ...

Today's Episode of "The Onion Radio News"
(well, except that bit about squozing the plastic bears -- that was pretty funny)

From today's real news:

Taiwan stung by millions of missing bees
"... A beekeeper on Taiwan's north-east coast reported
six million insects missing "for no reason", and one in the
south said 80 of his 200 bee boxes had been emptied

25 April 2007

The Spy Act (H.R. 964)

An Excellent summary of the situation:
"Let's sum up. If the Spy Act become law, hardware, software, and network vendors will be granted carte blanche to use spyware themselves to police their customers' use of their products and services. Incredibly broad exceptions will probably allow even the worst of the adware outfits to operate with legal cover. State attempts to deal with the spyware problem will be pre-empted and enforcement left up almost entirely to the FTC. Gee, what's not to like in that deal?"

21 April 2007

Holy Crap !!

'Lectricity from Nearly Nuthin' (nanogenerators):

12 April 2007

!!! Ab Fabbers !!!

In 1975, a complete (pre-assembled) Altair 8800 cost around $500 -- I'm told that's ~$2300 in today's money ... just about the same as the price-point on my next toy, er, I mean investment: