26 November 2008

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The New Energy Economy

"... finding the new driver of our economy is going to be critical. There is no better potential driver that pervades all aspects of our economy than a new energy economy."

21 November 2008

Never let a serious crisis go to waste

Rahm Emanuel spoke at the Wall Street Journal's "CEO Council" on Wednesday.

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the master in action

19 November 2008

17 November 2008

Treasury Captial Purchase Program

Accounted for (as of 17-Nov-2008)
$15,000,000,000Bank of America Corporation
$3,000,000,000Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
$25,000,000,000Citigroup Inc.
$10,000,000,000The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
$25,000,000,000JPMorgan Chase & Co.
$10,000,000,000Morgan Stanley
$2,000,000,000State Street Corporation
$25,000,000,000Wells Fargo & Company
$10,000,000,000Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
$17,000,000Bank of Commerce Holdings
$16,369,0001st FS Corporation
$298,737,000UCBH Holdings, Inc.
$1,576,000,000Northern Trust Corporation
$3,500,000,000SunTrust Banks, Inc.
$9,000,000Broadway Financial Corporation
$200,000,000Washington Federal Inc.
$3,133,640,000BB&T Corp.
$151,500,000Provident Bancshares Corp.
$214,181,000Umpqua Holdings Corp.
$2,250,000,000Comerica Inc.
$3,500,000,000Regions Financial Corp.
$3,555,199,000 Capital One Financial Corporation
$866,540,000First Horizon National Corporation
$1,398,071,000Huntington Bancshares
$300,000,000Valley National Bancorp
$1,400,000,000Zions Bancorporation
$1,715,000,000Marshall & Ilsley Corporation
$6,599,000,000U.S. Bancorp
$361,172,000TCF Financial Corporation

12 November 2008

38 Years Ago Today ...

Happy Anniversary Exploding Whale !!

11 November 2008

05 November 2008

02 November 2008

Twisty Passages All Alike

You are standing at the end of a road
before a small brick
building. Around
you is a Forest. A small stream
out of the building and down a gully.
There is a
T-Mobile G1 on the ground.

[ Twisty ]
(a Z-Machine interpreter for Android)