26 November 2012

Election Overhaul U.S.A.

Dear U.S. friends,

Now that election day is safely in the rear-view mirror:  Ask yourself if you voted for someone or against the "other guy".  Did you vote to get someone into that White House or to keep someone out?  Be honest!  Because; after all, that "other guy" -- if he were to be allowed access to the reins of power over the next 4 years ... well, it would mean utter destruction to everything we hold precious in this world (and quite likely the end of life on Earth as we know it).  Am I right?!

WHAT WE NEED is a complete election overhaul -- nothing short of a total reconsideration of the way we elect our officials in this country.  From campaign financing to standardized voting equipment to rationalization for the existing primary process, delegates from conventions, and our Electoral College.

WE NEED a system that everyone can trust.  And we need an informed electorate that votes for people again.

What we have is quite far from that.

15 November 2012

PSA: Transition to CyanogenMod.org

 CyanogenMod.com  is now CyanogenMod.org
It's another interesting sign of how ingrained the DNS system* has become to the way we use the net. How it's policed, too. I think Kim Dotcom should launch the new Megaupload by getting everyone to memorize its IP address. Shouldn't be much more difficult than remembering something like Jenny's 867-5309, amirite? 
* (ah ... jus' like the ol' "GO WORDS" / "KEYWORDS" scams of my youth)