29 July 2006

25 July 2006


During today's morning commute, my favorite podcast pointed me to something that both acknowledges great frustration I have with mobile phone industry -and- settles my mind on this whole "Net Neutrality" bizness (changing my position by exactly 179 degrees*).

Gotta luv dem internets.

* The Libertarian in me is still not convinced that legislation is necessary
(Bush's current policy on the matter seems fine to me)

19 July 2006

Watch for it ...

I've been saying this privately for some time (see 20-Oct-2005) and I get the same reaction from everyone (regardless of political affiliation). Watch Newt! He may not be able to win a bid for the highest office on the planet, but he sure will be able to move the debate.

11 July 2006

Free Rhodopsin !!

Please ... Help stop bacteriorhodopsin exploitation before it starts. Free the Halobacterium Salinarum !!

03 July 2006

On Net Neutrality

Senator "bridge to nowhere" Stevens (AK) -- Yup! -- The very same Senator Ted "Broadcast Flag" Stevens who practically cried and resigned when his earmarks were threatened. Well, he chimes in and defends all that's proper and American against the evil commie Net Neutrality crowd.

This little MP3 should clear up any confusion you may have on the issue.
(snipped from TWIT)