31 May 2009

Do you know these?

If you don't know about these tools, you're missing out!

03 May 2009


Hans Rosling -- Gapminder Master

Hans Rosling has a way with stats. Here's a brief clip that demonstrates his prowess w/ Gapminder:

more Hans Rosling (from TED 2006)

01 May 2009

Brewin' a theory

I'm brewin' a theory. A theory of "almost everything" that sees connection between the financial meltdown, the collapse of the auto industry, cap-n-trade, pirates on the high-seas, pirates of the lowercase (c)'s variety, and the "flu pandemic".

And here it is: This is all evidence of the same cultural shift ushered-in by the change of power.

We're made to worry about these subjects; because, the media tells us so. But really, it's all about who's in charge and the nature of their wealth.

When we come out the other side, we'll find ourselves in a world where the lawyers are more powerful than the generals -and- the wider public is comfortable with *all new* mechanisms of state control.

Heads-up, eyes open!