11 August 2007

Abrams Mischief?

J.J. Abrams (the director taking control of the Star Trek franchise) is suspected of perpetrating various video clips to promote Cloverfield (aka 1-18-08). Though, that is rumored to be a monster movie.

The footage below was leaked to the net (supposedly shot in Haiti last Monday, August 6th). In any case, IMHO: it's the best unexplained viral since SciFi channel sneaked their the infamous Trade Center clip into the UFO mythology.

Check it out:

So, my question is: Who did this?

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Will said...

from Gizmodo (22-Aug) ...

"... turns out the video was an exercise by a French computer animator who did work for the Michel Gondry stunner Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The UFO video was just an experiment, something he whipped up in one day and threw online. He did it as a test for a movie he's working on, but wasn't trying to make a viral hit or anything. Because somehow he didn't realize that an amazingly realistic and awesome UFO video would catch on on YouTube. Welcome to the internet, Frenchy."