21 October 2019

We're Measuring Wrong

Andrew Yang believes we're measuring wrong.

By focusing exclusively on GDP, we've put ourselves in a situation where, for example, automation can increase, the labor participation rate goes down and GDP says "it's all good".

So, Yang would create an "American Scorecard" made of many components /in addition/ to GDP.  By paying attention to the sum-total of these measures, we set our society on a healthier growth path.

The scorecard would reflect:

-o- GDP
-o- Health and Life Expectancy
-o- Mental Health
-o- Substance Abuse and Deaths of Despair
-o- Childhood Success Rates
-o- Average Income and Affordability
-o- Environmental Quality
-o- Retirement Savings
-o- Labor Force Participation and Engagement
-o- Infrastructure
-o- Homelessness

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